When Did Kansas Speedway Open? [Answered!]

The history of Kansas Speedway begins in 1916, when auto racing was becoming a popular sport. The first official race was held in 1927, and after World War II, the track saw a boom in both attendance and revenue. In 1958, the wooden grandstand was replaced with a metal one, which would later become the iconic “Tall Tower.”

In 1967, the track switched to all-oval tires, which made the cars handling much better. That same year, the track also adopted a unique format for its races: two 50-lap “halves”, with a one-and-a-half-hour break in between.

In 2010, Kansas Speedway changed hands. Fidelity Investments purchased the track for $85 million, and as a result, major renovations began. The biggest news is that in 2014, the track’s signature event — the Brickyard 400 — became the first in history to be broadcast live on the Internet. This was a major step forward for the sport, as virtually all motorsport events since have been streamed online.

The story of Kansas Speedway isn’t just about the track itself. It’s about the people who support the sport. During the renovation, the bathrooms were modernized and renamed the “Fanatics Quarters,” and the entryway was expanded to allow more cars to be parked inside.

The new owners also brought in a new track announcer in 2014, Brad Cox. Although his official title is “Race Caller,” he is best known for his catchphrase, “Get ready — because here comes the BRICKYARD!” As fans are exiting their cars after the last lap of the Brickyard 400, they hear this and immediately begin yelling, “BRICKYARD!”

Where Do I Sit?

There are several options when it comes to sitting at the track. The grandstand is one of the most popular choices, as it provides the perfect view of the action. The upper deck is another great option, as it provides the same view along with an even better atmosphere.

The area behind the grandstand is another great place to sit. It’s called the “summer hill” because of its sloping asphalt. The steep grade provides an excellent view of the track as well as the cars approaching from behind.

What About Parking?

There is plenty of on-track parking at Kansas Speedway. However, there are only a limited number of spaces in the grandstand, so those who choose to walk must find a spot outside. There is also a large parking lot behind the summer hill.

To stay close to the action, fans should park in the upper deck. Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake to sit in the upper deck and assume that you can leave your car there. For one thing, the upper deck is exposed to the heat of the sun, so it can be uncomfortable for those who choose this option. In addition, thieves are often present in these areas, so it’s best to keep your vehicle locked and hidden from view. Finally, the upper deck is only accessible by ladder, making it very difficult for those who aren’t agile enough to climb up the steps.

What About Food And Beverage?

There are four options for food and beverage at Kansas Speedway. The first one is called the “Chili Bowl,” and it is located near the exit of the parking lot. The cost is $4 for hot dogs, hamburgers and other American classics, as well as $8 for a full chicken dinner. The second location is the souvenir stand, where fans can purchase a variety of shirts, hats, and other items while watching the races.

The third option is the stand next to the bathrooms, where fans can purchase ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other icy treats. The last option is the gas station, where those who attend the races can purchase fuel for their cars.

There is also an ATM next to the bathroom, which fans can use to withdraw cash. Many credit cards are accepted at this location.

Does The Weather Affect The Race?

The weather at Kansas Speedway is pretty much the same as the weather outside. There are occasional days of extreme heat or cold, but on the whole, it’s a relatively stable environment, except for the occasional thunderstorm. However, the track is closed if it rains or if there are any severe weather conditions.

The rain date for the Brickyard 400 is July 29, 2014. Rain is always a possibility in Kansas, so the track is prepared for that contingency. If however, the ground is dry and the sun is bright, then watching the races is safe and fun.

Can I Bring My Children To The Race?

Yes, it’s legal for children to attend races at Kansas Speedway. There are no restrictions regarding how old a child can be. In fact, there are often kids present at the track, particularly during the weekend races. Children are especially attracted to the cars and the noise, which makes it an interesting and educational experience for them. On the other hand, it’s always best to keep your children out of the sun because of the heat, so keeping them in the car or in the shade is usually a good idea.

Can I Bring My Own Drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own drinks to the track. However, it’s not recommended, as it is against the rules to be under the influence of alcohol at the races. This is particularly important for those who drink alcohol, as it could affect their performance on the track. In cases of extreme intoxication, the marshals will direct you to take a break.

There are four specific areas where you cannot bring alcohol: the upper deck, the summer hill, the bathroom, and inside the grandstand. In some cases, the cops will even arrest fans who are caught with alcohol inside these areas. These are the most popular places for people to drink alcohol at Kansas Speedway, so it’s best to avoid these locations if you’re looking to keep your drink preferences to yourself.

If you want to bring your drinks inside the grandstand, you must do so in plastic cups with covers. The reason is that even though the track is covered, the seats are not. As a result, when it rains or during thunderstorms, parts of the track can become extremely muddy, and some of the drinks can be spilled. It’s also better for the environment to keep the drinks in plastic cups, since these materials decompose faster than metal or glass ones.

What About Tents And Outdoor Showering?

Yes, you can bring tents and sleeping mats to the track. However, it’s not recommended, as the areas behind the grandstand and the upper deck are exposed to the sun and the heat, which can be uncomfortable for those who choose this option. In addition, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so it’s better to bring a small tent and a sleeping mat than to chance it and have a bad experience.

Can I Camp In The Shower?

Yes, you can camp in the shower at Kansas Speedway. However, only those who stay the whole night are allowed, and the showers are only for people who are camped or watching the race from outside. This is because the bathrooms are only intended for those who are inside the track. Those who are caught using them during the race will be asked to leave.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a family-friendly environment. While there are no special privileges for those who are there with their spouses and children, everyone else is treated equally. This means that there are often kids present during the weekend races. It’s a great place to take a break from the everyday stresses of life, so those who choose to camp in the shower often have fun evenings and sleep in tents the next morning.

What About Entertainment?

There are several ways to enjoy yourself at the race. The first option is to bring a portable speaker and play music throughout the event. This can be done outside the grandstand, but it’s generally best to keep the music inside the vehicle, since people near the area can still hear it. In addition, it is usually distracting to other fans who are trying to enjoy the event.

There are also inflatable kiddie pools for children. These are safe and portable, and they can be used at parks, beaches, or even a backyard. If you choose this option, make sure that there is no lifeguard present so that you can have total control over the children.

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