When Does Speedway Stop Selling Alcohol? [Facts!]

After Hours of Racing, Your Favorite Driver Will Approach You And Whisper In Your Ear, “Have Another Drink.”

The sweet aroma of freshly cut grass, blue sky, and clear air wafting in through open windows is indescribable. Even the huskiest of dogs can’t help but wag their tails as engines roar and tires screech, announcing the arrival of another exciting day of racing at the track. As the drivers emerge from their cars to stretch their legs and unwind after finishing up one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports on Earth, you can see them approach their fans with a smile on their faces and a drink in their hands – just what their fans want to hear.

You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about when Speedway stops selling alcohol and how to enjoy your time at the speedway with a drink in hand, whether it’s before, during, or after the race.

Before The Race Starts

If you’re heading to the racetrack to enjoy a day of NASCAR, you’ll want to arrive a few hours early to get the best seats in the house. Some tracks allow ticket holders to arrive as early as an hour before the race, while others allow fans to get in a bit later and still enjoy the best views. You’ll have to check with the racetrack’s personnel to learn more about their policies regarding alcohol at the track.

During The Race

Many NASCAR tracks don’t sell alcohol during the race, but many do. Those that do allow it to be served have a specific section of the grandstand where patrons can bring their own bottle and enjoy a cold one while watching the action unfold on the track. In some instances, this is the only place fans can consume alcohol at the track. Security is usually strict, especially near the end of the race, when everyone is trying to catch a breath and enjoy the victory lap. They’ll tell you to drink in your car, but please don’t drive afterward if you’ve been drinking – it’s not worth it. Some NASCAR tracks even ask drivers not to drink alcohol while on the track, concerned about the effects it might have while racing. If you’re caught drinking during the race, you’ll receive a hefty fine and your license might be suspended for a period of time. In most cases, drivers can’t drink on the track, but they can have bottles of alcohol in their cars before and after the race.

After The Race

If you’ve been to the track, you’ll know that the worst thing you can do is fail to leave a few minutes after the racetrack closes. This is when all the fans head for the exits, bumping into each other as they make their way toward the gates. You’ll hear lots of grumbling from the impatient, but ultimately thankful, fans as they wait for the traffic to clear before driving home. If you stay and enjoy the post-race activities, you’ll help save the fans’ time and avoid all that grumbling. This is why it’s a good idea to leave a few minutes after the race, even if you’re feeling fine and have no visible signs of drunkenness.

One of the biggest issues that NASCAR faces is drunken driving, especially among its younger fans. While it’s always disappointing to see motorists endanger their own lives and the lives of others while under the influence of alcohol, it’s even more discouraging when it happens to teenagers and college students. If you’re considering attending a NASCAR event, be sure to check with the local police and liquor stores about the drinking age and whether or not alcohol is served at the venue. Also, be sure to follow all the rules and instructions of the racetrack you visit – you wouldn’t want to get in trouble because you didn’t know any better!

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