Where Does Speedway Get Their Gas? [Ultimate Guide!]

While most know that Speedway Gasoline is a popular brand of gas and oil products, not many know where the company gets their fuel. This article will answer some common questions about where does Speedway get their gasoline and how can you tell if it is truly eco-friendly. Keep reading for more information.

Where Does Speedway Get Their Gas?

When you call someone a “gasoholic” (that’s what they call themselves), the first thing you think of is gas stations, right? Well, you’d be right because that’s where most of their business comes from. However, gas stations are only part of the story.

When you think about gas stations, you usually think about whether or not you’ll need to change cars before the tank is full. But, there’s more to a gas station than meets the eye.

In fact, there are a few different places where Speedway gets their gas. So if you’re looking to buy gas in bulk or on the go, keep reading.

Does Speedway Use Ethanol?

If you’ve ever been to a gas station that was attached to a grocery store, then you might have noticed something different about the fuel. Typically, these stations use ethanol (gasohol) as the fuel instead of gasoline. While most gasoline contains between 95-98% of ethanol, some have as little as 85% and others as much as 100%.

Ethanol is a more efficient and sustainable fuel because it’s made from plants rather than oil imports which come from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Plus, you don’t need to change your oil as often because it has a higher boiling point. Another plus is that ethanol-fueled engines are less likely to break down because they’re better maintained.

While there’s no denying that ethanol can be a more sustainable fuel source, it is also more expensive than gasoline. For these reasons, many gas stations choose to use gasoline rather than ethanol.

Do They Use Renewable Energy Sources?

In an ideal world, everyone would be driving electric cars, flying on solar-powered planes, and using energy-efficient light bulbs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case yet. As a matter of fact, not even one percent of the worlds’ energy use is from renewable sources. If you want to avoid spending a ton of fossil fuels on your next vehicle, consider this fact.

That’s why it’s imperative that we use renewable energy sources to power our daily lives. Fortunately, there are ways for gas stations to help save the environment while still generating revenue. They can install solar panels on the roofs of their stations which generate a portion of the electricity needed to power them. Furthermore, they can also buy excess energy from solar-powered utilities which reduces their carbon footprint.

Since solar power is renewable, it reduces the stations’ dependence on fossil fuels and helps them stay eco-friendly.

How Can You Tell If The Gas Is Eco-Friendly?

While it’s not always the case, most eco-friendly gas is going to be produced in a different way than traditional gas stations. You’ll usually see 3-5 tanks instead of just one. This is because manufacturers want to be able to fill your tank more efficiently without having to leave the station. For this reason, you’re going to see more efficient engines (like the ones designed in Germany) and smaller tanks which allow for more fuel delivery. This also helps reduce the gas station’s carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly gas is going to have a different smell than traditional gas because its production method is different. In most cases, you’ll be able to smell the difference as soon as you pull into the station. If you can’t, then it’s probably not eco-friendly gas.

Some brands of gas have gotten so good at being eco-friendly that their fuel is impossible to tell from traditional gasoline. There are even some brands of gas which are odorless and can be shipped across country without the seller knowing that it was less harmful to produce.

Where Can You Buy Eco-Friendly Gas?

If you want to buy gas that’s eco-friendly, you need to be sure that what you’re purchasing is truly sustainable. Thankfully, there are more and more gas stations that are going green. In most cases, they’ll have a sign on the pump that indicates whether or not the gas is eco-friendly. If it is, then great! If not, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Will Speedway Become More Eco-Friendly As Time Goes By?

While it’s not always the case, most companies follow the general trend of improving their environmental standards as they become more successful.

Let’s say that Speedway becomes the world’s largest oil company. At that point, they’ll probably start using more sustainable fuels because they know that they can. The more that companies like Speedway invest in protecting our environment, the more likely we are to protect it back.

Final Takeaway

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly, then consider buying gas that’s produced in a more sustainable way. While it might not always be possible, if enough companies follow this trend, then eventually, maybe, we’ll all be driving electric cars and avoiding gas stations altogether.

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