Where Is Charlotte Speedway? [Updated!]

Charlotte Speedway: This was the original name of the racetrack in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it was inspired by the popular NASCAR race there. The track is actually a blend of the words “charade” and “speedway,” referencing the sport’s original rules and regulations. Later on, the track was renamed Bankers Life Fieldhouse in honor of the insurance company that funded its construction. Even though the track has been around for more than 80 years, it wasn’t until 2010 that the facility received the recognition it deserved as the birthplace of NASCAR. Today, it is the home of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and has also become a popular concert venue and a major exhibition space.

A Brief History Of Charlotte Speedway

After the Great Depression and World War II, NASCAR emerged as one of America’s most popular sports. This was largely due to its simplicity and the fact that it was something that anyone could get into. There were no restrictions on who could join in, and it was all about having fun. This was certainly a contrast to other sports at the time, which were more heavily dominated by upper-class white men. In fact, in its early years, NASCAR was mostly a hobby for the wealthy, who would park their Porsches and Jaguars at the track and send their chauffeurs and bodyguards to bring them to and from the races. These were the days before television, so the fans had to enjoy the live events. Unfortunately, with the advent of television, all of this changed. The fans soon got bored of waiting for the drivers to come on stage and start the race, so they started showing up a little early just to catch a glimpse of the cars. This eventually led to additional fees and other forms of entertainment being added to the racing program. As a result, NASCAR began to lose some of its original audience.

Where Do The Names Charlotte And Bankers Life Fieldhouse Come From?

The track itself is named after Charlotte, North Carolina, but its formal name is Bankers Life Fieldhouse. While traveling to the track, you will pass through a roundabout with the inscription “Charlotte 1940.” This indicates that this structure was first constructed in 1940 and was designed after the capital city of North Carolina. On the other side of the roundabout, visitors will see the letters “B.L.F.” This stands for “Bankers Life Fieldhouse” and was the name of the track before becoming the home of the Charlotte Hornets. The roundabout with the letters “C.F.S.” (which stand for “Charlotte Freedom Squadron”) was also installed in 1940 and is still visible today.

Additional Information About Charlotte Speedway

The facility itself is open to the public and is not restricted to NASCAR fans. This means that people of all walks of life can attend the events here. Over the years, the Charlotte Speedway Park Association has invested heavily in making the facility look and feel authentic, so even people who aren’t that familiar with NASCAR may feel like they’ve stepped into the race camp of the ‘50s or early ‘60s. One of the mainstays of the association is the antique store in the park, which helps to give the space a historic “feel” that draws people in from all over North Carolina and beyond. The track itself is also a National Historic Landmark. On the second level of the grandstand, you will see a plaque dedicated to those who worked tirelessly to make the track happen, which reads as follows:

“Lest we forget: Those who came before us, those who laid the foundation of this place, those whose sweat, blood, and tears made it possible. We are all a part of one race track family, and together we will continue to honor those who came before us and made this possible.”

Along with the historical significance of the track, the facilities itself are also impressive. In fact, the bank that funded the construction of the structure is still a major corporate sponsor of the NASCAR team, and they have kept their support for the sport even though it has changed significantly in the past few years. To this day, the bank is still referred to as the “Official Bank of NASCAR” and gets an official allotment of seats every season. The track also has six hotels within a three-mile radius of the facility, so fans who come from out of town have plenty to choose from. Finally, for drivers who might be looking for some extra income, the track now has a weekly “driver appreciation night” in the evenings that features food, music, and lots of driver appearances. This is something that drew my attention, as I enjoy listening to NASCAR podcasts and watching NASCAR videos online, so I’m sure it will appeal to other fans as well.

Why Is NASCAR Important?

The fact that NASCAR is one of America’s most popular sports is pretty much self-explanatory. It is one of the most easily recognizable sports in the world and has been around for over 80 years, so there is definitely a nostalgic connection that fans have to the sport. Also, with the economy the way it is, a lot of people are looking for ways to spend their time and money, and NASCAR does allow for just that. It’s something that anyone can get into and anyone can become involved in, which fits well into the zeitgeist today.

Whether you are a diehard NASCAR fan or you have just discovered the sport, there is plenty to do in and around the Charlotte area that you can connect with the community and culture that is so important to NASCAR. Whether it’s going to a game, hanging out at the park, or joining a NASCAR enthusiasts’ society, there is something for everyone.

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