Where Is Darlington Motor Speedway? [Facts!]

A lot of people may know about Darlington Motor Speedway, located in the northern part of South Carolina. If you’re reading this, I assume that you’ve heard of it too. It is best described as the place where stock car racing was born, having held its first race here in 1916.

When it comes to historical stock car racing venues, Darlington is certainly one of the most famous and visited places in the country. In 2017 alone, it hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Carolinas. You may have seen the movie, “Charlotte’s Web”, which was set in part at this famous North Carolina track. If that’s the case, maybe you even know that it’s been closed for many years.

In 1919, the track was purchased by a man named Harry Parkes, who completely rebuilt it and renamed it Darlington Park. Since then, it has become well-known for its annual Labor Day weekend races, which are widely regarded as some of the most exciting races in the country. These days, Darlington holds two 500-mile NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races every year, on the fourth Saturday and Sunday in September. On a typical weekend, you can see hundreds of cars on the track, with thousands more watching on TV. I bet you knew that too, didn’t you?

What Is The Track Elevation At Darlington?

You may be wondering how high the track is at Darlington. If you’re seeing this, you are either a high-altitude driver or a high-altitude fan. The answer is that the track is about 1100 feet above sea level, which gives it one of the most extreme inclines in all of motorsport. It’s actually higher than that – about 1150 feet above sea level – but due to the unique geography of the area, the Asheville airport is nearby and causes frequent turbulence when flying over the venue. For some fans, it’s more than a challenge to see the entire track without resorting to some kind of amplification device such as a headset or a loud speaker. For everyone else, it’s just a matter of following the course and having fun.

How Is The Track Weather At Darlington?

The weather in South Carolina is very unpredictable, so it’s hard to say for certain how the track’s weather will be. However, it’s usually hot and humid, which makes for difficult driving. Like I said, it’s unpredictable, so it could be anything from fair to foul weather conditions. Fortunately, the track’s elevation causes it to stay cool, even in the summer, so you may be able to pull off a daring drive even during the dog days of the summer.

Does Darlington Have A Good Eating Facility?

In case you’re wondering, yes, it does. Back in the day, the track used to have a steak house called “The Darlington Stockade”, which is still here today and serves up some of the best steak dinners in the area. If you’re a meat eater, it’s definitely worth checking out. Otherwise, you might have to content yourself with watching the race from atop the grandstands or in the pits.

Is There Anything Else Important About Darlington?

There are a couple of other things I want to cover before I sign off. First off, the bathrooms here are incredible. They were built in the 1960s and still have all of the original fixtures. The second thing is that the track’s management does an amazing job at keeping the costs of attending the races low. For instance, there is no camping is allowed within 5 miles of the track, which keeps the number of people who want to go here low. Finally, if you follow @darlingtonmotorspeedway on Twitter, you can get all the updates for the track, its upcoming events, and any breaking news headlines. So, if you have any other questions about the place, you can always find the answers by following @darlingtonmotorspeedway on Twitter. Until next time, happy motoring!

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