Where Is Florence Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

The Florence Speedway is a sports and entertainment facility located in Florence, Colorado. It is named after Florence Pugh, an American professional race car driver. For decades, the Florence Speedway was home to weekly car races that attracted local and even national racing fans. The track also hosted concerts and other live performances. The venue closed in 2017 due to the lack of interest from both local and international crowds. However, the races are once again being staged in the Spring of 2021 for those interested in returning to the scene of their old glory.

The History Of The Florence Speedway

The first officially sanctioned automobile race was held in Colorado in 1899. The next year, the state legislature established the Colorado Automobile Association (CAA) for the purpose of organizing racing and promoting automobile use in the state. One of the first members of the CAA was the Shelby automobile company, which had constructed a roadster track near its Chicago headquarters. The company built a rival roadster track at the same location in the summer of 1899 and named it after Shelby’s favorite racing driver, William Vincent “Bill” Shelby. The Florence Speedway soon became known as the Bill Shelby Speedway in his honor. In 1908, the name was changed to the Shelby Speedway when the company started sponsoring the races.

Florence was a small town in the middle of nowhere when the first races were held there. The only way for people to attend the events was by horse and buggy. However, the town’s population began to grow rapidly after the turn of the century. The population boom led to the construction of several grand hotels, which catered to the needs of the growing number of wealthy travelers. This was followed by the construction of golf courses and the establishment of a municipal golf club. The influx of wealthy golfers and race car enthusiasts caused the town to bloom even more rapidly. The population reached 19,000 by 1914, and the town’s economy began to rely heavily on the nearby races. The first half of the 20th century was a golden era for the town, marked by the grand opening of the New York Life Insurance building in 1919, the debut of the Colorado Rockies baseball team in 1920, and the first oil well in the area in 1925. However, the town’s population decreased following World War II. The number of people living in Florence decreased from 21,000 in 1940 to just 15,000 in 1970. Many businesses closed down, and the only people working in the area were the ones directly connected to the automobile industry. The population of Florence continued to shrink, reaching its low of 11,000 in 1980. However, things began to change in the later years of the decade. The people of Florence decided to revitalize their town. They established a downtown development authority, improved the local infrastructure, and encouraged the construction of new businesses.

The Present Day Of The Florence Speedway

The revival of the Florence Speedway began in earnest in 1994. The local government worked closely with the business community to revitalize the area. As a result, large numbers of new shops, galleries, and restaurants opened up in the town. New hotels and residential buildings were also constructed. Today, the Florence Speedway is one of the primary attractions in the region. It is a busy place, with a couple of races taking place every weekend. The facility is also used for musical concerts, trade shows, and other special events.

Where Do The Races Take Place?

The main events of the Florence Speedway take place on a three-quarter mile, paved oval track. The track is surrounded by grandstands and other spectator facilities. The venue is also equipped with a 12,000-square-foot, covered grandstand that can hold up to 20,000 people. The speedway also has a 12,000-square-foot press box and a nine-hole, par-3 golf course. The track itself is owned by the Colorado Springs Stadium Authority and maintained by an excellent track staff. They ensure that the racing is safe and fast-paced for the participants and the fans. The oval track is banked quite sharply, which creates an interesting change in pace and dynamics from what you’d find on a traditional flat, four-lane road. On the downside, due to the nature of the track’s layout and incline, it doesn’t exactly suit all vehicles. It’s a real crowd-pleaser for those who do manage to complete the lap, though!

What Is The Weather Like There?

The Colorado Springs area is located in the semi-arid region of the country. As a result, it gets very hot and dry, with lots of sunshine and very little in the way of precipitation. The daytime highs can reach the 50s and 60s, and the night time lows reach the 20s and 30s. While it might not sound like ideal racing conditions, the daytime heat and dry air make for an interesting experience. Like all desert climates, it gets very cold in the winter, especially now that the sun has set. The nighttime lows can dip into the single digits, making it the perfect place for frosty motorists to tangle with each other on a cool night. Winters in Colorado are long and dark, which makes it the perfect place to go for some winter sports and to catch some rays during the day. Summers are warm and pleasant, allowing residents and tourists alike to enjoy the area’s beautiful scenery.

What About The Traffic?

Traffic in Colorado Springs can be quite heavy, particularly around the main drag, College Avenue. This is especially true on the weekend, when a lot of people are out and about. Residents often complain about the amount of cars and trucks speeding around the city. However, with the exception of a few major intersections, such as the Pikes Peak Highway and Colorado Avenue, the traffic isn’t that bad. It takes time to get used to, but most people find it manageable. The amount of road rage that occurs as a result of the heavy traffic is also incredibly rare. Most people coexist with traffic in Central Colorado in a friendly manner, even if they are driving slowly.

What About Security?

Security at the Florence Speedway is very high. The tracks and other vital areas of the facility are patrolled round-the-clock by security officers and private security cameras. The town has a very small population, putting the blame for most crimes squarely on the citizens. However, it doesn’t exactly help that most of the town’s businesses are closed on Saturdays. This makes it considerably quieter than the rest of the week, meaning that security officers have fewer distractions.

Does It Have A Fancy Name?

Yes! The Florence Speedway is also known as the Tri-State Speedway, as it is the only three-quarter-mile oval track in the state. It is also the southernmost track in the United States and one of the top-five oval tracks in the country. The speedway is a hub of activity in the middle of an otherwise deserted town. It deserves all the praise that it gets!

The Conclusion

Many towns and cities across the nation have lost their charm as a result of unfulfilled dreams, poor planning, and a lack of foresight. The people of Florence were determined to put their town on the map, and they did so with gusto. The town’s leaders worked hard to attract businesses and settlers from around the country. They improved the local infrastructure and worked closely with the business community to encourage the construction of new shops, galleries, and restaurants. This attracted a whole new audience to the town, which in turn, helped to revitalize it. The citizens of Florence worked hard to restore their town’s glory, and in the process, earned themselves a place on our list of historic sports and entertainment venues.

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