Where Is Lernerville Speedway? [Solved!]

People ask me all the time where is Lernerville Speedway? and as much as I’d love to tell them, I have no idea. There are so many different places that could potentially be Lernerville Speedway, but I have no idea which one it could be. The name alone makes me think of a typical, small-town North Carolina race track that was pretty much replaced by monster truck rallies a few years back. But that doesn’t even come close. For starters, I have no idea what Lernerville means.

Is it a city? A state? A country?

It might be any or none of those things. The problem is that the name Lernerville is incredibly generic; there are literally hundreds of other places all over the country that could be called Lernerville. To make matters worse, the official website for the TV show doesn’t offer much helpful information either.

The best I can do is give them the basics. Lernerville is a fictional city that is supposedly located somewhere in the Southeastern United States. It isn’t on the west coast, or the east coast for that matter. You wouldn’t want to go there if you were from the north or the south. I think most importantly, it isn’t north of Atlanta or south of Boston (at least not by many miles). That narrows it down a bit, although still extremely broadly.

Lernerville Is A Comic Book Character

If you’re not from the United States, you might not know that there’s a long and storied history of comics in the country. From Richard Nixon’s favorite Peanuts to the groundbreaking Little Lulu, many important American comics found their inspiration from real life events or people (usually criminals). It wasn’t uncommon for comics to be used as a form of protest back in the day.

But what does any of this have to do with Lernerville Speedway? Well, it turns out that Lernerville is a comic book character. That might not sound like a big deal, but consider this: Lernerville is one of the most well-known and highly respected characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Created by Bill Mantlo and Jack Abel in the 1970s, Lernerville first appeared in Songs of the Sirens, an obscure comic written and drawn by the husband-wife team of Bill and Betty Mantlo.

What makes Lernerville so special is that he represents a cross-section of the Marvel Universe. Unlike most superheroes, who are often portrayed as being isolated from the world, Lernerville is a normal, average guy who just happens to have amazing abilities due to exposure to some kind of radiation as a child. As a result, he can do almost anything and has access to almost all of Marvel’s most powerful characters.

Over the years, Bill and Betty Mantlo’s creation has become an important part of Marvel’s narrative. Like many of the company’s most beloved heroes, Lernerville has gone on many different adventures and saved the day quite a few times. The character even starred in his own animated series in the 1980s. While other superheroes often had team-ups with other heroes (usually from the X-Men), Lernerville’s adventures were largely solo drives for the most part.

If you’re a fan of Marvel comics, you’ll undoubtedly know who Lernerville is. But if you haven’t heard of the character yet, then let me introduce you. Lernerville is one of the most important figures in the Marvel Universe.

Lernerville Is A NASCAR Hub

Yes, if you’re unfamiliar, NASCAR is a racing league that was created in 1947 and is widely considered to be the most successful sports league in the country. The sport draws a lot of viewership every day and has had countless famous drivers over the years. While NASCAR is most well-known for its racing, the league also takes the time to honor Americana and the different regions of the country in various ways. One of the most recent examples of this was last year’s draft, where the drivers are selected in a totally random order and then have to drive for position during the race. While most draft picks never amount to much, many have gone on to have successful careers in the sport.

Last year, NASCAR decided to honor the 50th anniversary of the Marvel Universe by holding a special draft where each one of the 12 drivers was sponsored by a different character from the comics. As a result, 12 new drivers were picked during the draft and split into two separate groups: red jerseys and black jerseys. The teams that these drivers were sponsored by are listed below:


  • Carl Edwards – Mustang (Roush Fenway Racing)
  • David Ragan – Hornet (Richard Childress Racing)
  • Jason Leffler – Cyclops (Black Canyon Company)/Telesco Arms (Richard Petty Motorsports)
  • Jared Mayer – Rogue (Red Jacket Racing)
  • Ryan Newman – War Machine (Regan Racing Enterprises)/Telesco Arms (Petty Motorsports)
  • Trevor Bayne – Ironman (Roush Fenway Racing)
  • William Bafford – Juggernaut (Team JGR)
  • Zane Smith – Ghost (Buccaneers Racing)/Telesco Arms (Petty Motorsports)
  • Black:
    • Dale Earnhardt Jr. – The Intimidating (Carolina Hurricanes)
    • Jamie McMurray – The Enlightened (Louisville Brand X Racing)
    • Matt McCall – The Dark Elf (Black Canyon Company)/Telesco Arms (Richard Petty Motorsports)
    • Mike Bliss – The Tinkerer (Bliss Machine Racing)/Telesco Arms (Richard Petty Motorsports)
    • Ryan Blaney – Wrath (Team JJR)
    • Ryan Harman – Frostbite (Furniture Row Racing)
    • William Byron – Ghost Riders (Buccaneers Racing)/Telesco Arms (Petty Motorsports)
    • Paul Menard – Hard Charger (Real Pro Paintball)
    • Chris Buescher – The Other (Bauer Racing Products)/Telesco Arms (Petty Motorsports)
    • Lennie James – Nomad (Roush Fenway Racing)
    • Joey Logano – Zeta (Joe Gibbs Racing)

    While most NASCAR fans will attest that this was an exciting draft to watch, it was also an important one for comic book fans. As a result of this, many different t-shirts and hoodies were sold with the logos of these teams prominently featured on them. When news of this draft broke, it started a craze, and many different products with these logos popped up for sale. While most of these items are just simple shirts and hoodies, some of the more unique items were made of iron-on patches and even bobble-heads!

    The fact that NASCAR chose to honor American literature and the Marvel Universe in this way is significant. Not only does it show how much the organization respects the medium, but it’s also a clear sign that the fanbase for these two sports have a lot in common. With so many successful athletes and teams in both leagues, it’s no wonder why so many fans of both sports enjoy hanging out with one another. It’s like a giant Thanksgiving game where the stakes are minimal.

    The Bottom Line

    If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re either a fan of NASCAR or a fan of Marvel comics. So what does any of this have to do with Lernerville Speedway? Well, it turns out that this is where the story begins. Since their inception, Marvel and NASCAR have always had a special relationship, and last year’s draft was just the latest in a long line of events that have kept the connection going strong.

    While you might not know where Lernerville is, you probably know exactly what it means. If you don’t, then this article will help explain the mystery. Hopefully, it piques your interest in the character and brings you closer to finding out where he is and why he’s called Lernerville. Until then, thanks for reading!

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