Where Is Mosport Speedway? [Updated!]

Mosport is a suburb of the Canadian city of Toronto, located just north of the border. The track is owned by Sports Authority Inc. (SAI), and is the home of the Canadian Open Speedway Championship. It is also one of the stops on the prestigious SuperDirt Sudden Death Series.

The first NASCAR race in Canada was held at Mosport in 2000. Since then, more than 20 events have been held there, including the Canadian Open and the prestigious SuperDirt Sudden Death Series. The track is named after the late Maurice Primeau, who helped bring NASCAR to Canada in the first place. Before his passing in 2012, Maurice had been involved with the sport in one way or another for more than 70 years.

Located just to the north of Toronto, along the western shore of Lake Ontario, the track is approximately 30 minutes by car from the centre of the city. It features a 400-metre clay oval with 24 pit stalls and a two-story grandstand that seats up to 30,000 spectators. In 2016, Mosport was named the best short track in North America by the International Speedway Directory. With a weekly racing programme that includes several NASCAR series, the Toronto Star named it the 9th best motorsport venue in North America.

The Mecca Of Short Track Racing

The popularity of short track racing in North America and Canada is reflected in the number of events that take place there. According to the International Speedway Directory, there are more than 30,000 registered participants and more than 100,000 spectators at sporting events annually. That equals approximately one race every two hours, five days a week!

Mosport is the spiritual home of short track racing, with the Canadian Open being one of the highlights of the season. The week-long series draws international participants and huge galleries of people who follow the events on social media. The popularity of the Canadian Open is also reflected in the number of fans who attend the weekly Grand Stand Push Ceremony, where drivers from across Canada and the U.S. compete for a chance to win the coveted trophy.

When it comes to attracting spectators, event organisers at Mosport have nothing but praise for the international drivers and their starships. “The grandstands are overflowing every week,” said Steve Mason, chairman of the Mosport Board. “The sight of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini parked next to a Model T is priceless. Even better are the international drivers, because they bring the novelty of another language!”

A Track Named After Maurice

While most tracks are named after the families who own them, Maurice Primeau spearheaded the campaign to have the community come together to support a speedway named after him. Locals in the area organised multiple fundraisers and bankrolled the project, which opened in 1960, with the help of Maurice’s family. Before his death in 2012, he was instrumental in getting the community more involved in the sport. In 1994, he was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame.

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Open. To celebrate the milestone, the community is hosting a carnival-like festival, featuring cars, food, and entertainment, from August 25 to 27. During the three-day celebration, participants will be able to get a peek at some of the greatest cars in the world, including many exotic and luxury vehicles. There will also be vintage racing, live bands, and plenty of food and drink.

More Than 100 Years Of Motorsport In Canada

When it comes to motorsport in Canada, the history books are filled with names like Louis-Victor Pilotte, Barney Oldfield, Ralph De Palma, and so on. While there are certainly many notable racers from across the country, the International Speedway Directory places the total number of participants at 150,000 a year. That makes Canada the 4th largest motorsport nation after the U.S., U.K., and Germany. In 2019, Bernie Ebbers, CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), whose family owned the track for more than 100 years, died at the age of 104. His family continues to own and operate the track, which has become even more important to the country now that he is no longer around to do it himself.

Canadian Open 2021

The 2021 Canadian Open, the 50th anniversary edition of the country’s premier racing event, will be held from August 25 to 27. The week-long festival of speed and motorsport will see over 125,000 people pack the stands for a glimpse of the great Canadian talent. The line-up for the event includes 10 NASCAR Series races, including the prestigious Subway Fresh Fit 500, an IndyCar race, and the Supercar Showdown, a display of exotic cars from across the globe. The event is also significant because it will be the first road course race that the IndyCar Series has ever held in Canada. For fans who want to follow the racing action from an RV park, the OBS TV studio will live stream all the events, including interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The Toronto Star’s 9th Best Motorsport Venues In North America

Apart from being the spiritual home of short track racing, Mosport is also mentioned in the annual rankings of the Toronto Star for the best sporting venues in North America. According to the newspaper, the track is one of the best in the country not only because of its location and size, but also because of the passion of its fans. “This is America’s best little racetrack!” enthused one Twitter user in response to a photo of a Model T next to a gleaming Ferrari.

According to Todd Bally, senior writer for the Toronto Star, the venue is especially beautiful in the spring when the colours bloom. “Every year we do a little roundup of the best spots to watch the racing in North America,” he said. “And every year, without exception, Mosport makes the list. It’s a shrine to cars. And it’s the size of most stadiums. It’s a combination of New York City and Fenway Park.”

Grandstands And Pavilions

The grandstands at Mosport are two-tiered structures, with the upper tiers being wider than the lower ones. They feature a sloping roof design that makes them look like a large pavilion. The upper tiers are connected to the lower ones with a series of escalators and stairs that allow spectators to access all areas of the track, including the pits. Even the infield is lined with grandstands.

Despite the size of the grandstands, Mason says they are not suitable for everybody. “Some people prefer to sit in the bleachers,” he said. “There is no denying that some people live for that sort of thing. For the most part, though, I think our fans prefer to be up close and personal with the action.”

Stadium-Style Seating

There is also the option, available at the top of each grandstand, for fans to sit in stadium-style seating that runs along the entire length of the stands. Those who choose this option get an excellent view of the racing action from any seat in the house. Since the majority of the seats are on the outside, though, the Toronto Star’s Bally said it is more like “a real-life version of something out of a movie” than a traditional sports stadium. “It’s like an outdoor movie theatre,” he said.

The Biggest Variety Of Racing Events

The variety of racing events held at Mosport is incredible. In addition to the SuperDirt Series, which is named after the death-defying obstacles and unique landscapes of midwestern U.S. dirt tracks, the venue also hosts the Can-Am Duel, the Canadian Interprovincial Midget Championship, and the prestigious Canadian Open. This year’s edition of the latter will be the largest in history, featuring 10 NASCAR races – including the prestigious Subway Fresh Fit 500 – as well as an IndyCar race, a motorcycle Grand Prix, and even an international cricket match between Canada and U.S.A.!

Mason, the chairman of the board at Mosport, is excited about the future of the track, which is now co-owned by CPP Investment Board and First Niagara. “We are honoured to host the Canadian Open, which is arguably the marquee event in our sport,” he said. “It consistently sells out. And it’s not like there aren’t other sports to follow. We have a lot of hockey fans, so it’s natural for them to have other sports to follow. But, if you’re a true fan of motorsport, there is nothing else like coming to the Canadian Open.”

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