Where Is New Hampshire Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

Haven’t you always wanted to know where New Hampshire Speedway is? Well, you can now find out where it is. We’ll tell you all about it. Read on and enjoy the ride!

The History Of New Hampshire

The name “New Hampshire” means that this is a new state in the union. Now, before there was a New Hampshire, there was just a Massachusetts. The original settlers of New Hampshire came from Massachusetts and some from Connecticut. The state was actually founded in June of 1776, shortly after the Revolutionary War. The first capital of New Hampshire was Concord, and the first governor was John Wentworth. During the Civil War, New Hampshire was a stronghold for the Union. New Hampshire is now officially known as the First State, and it is the oldest state in the union. So, it is no wonder that NASCAR has chosen to hold its biggest event in New Hampshire. The tradition of holding the race at this location goes all the way back to the beginning. The track itself was originally known as the Salem Speedway and was built in 1926. However, when the Great Depression hit, the race was suspended until 1939.

The Present Day New Hampshire

In 1939, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway opened its doors for the first time. The track has always been a place for speedsters to strut their stuff. The track is now owned by International Speedway Corporation (ISC). On October 3rd, 2007, the NASCAR Cup Series was held at the facility. It was announced that day that New Hampshire would be changing its name to Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Since that day, the series has continued to use the name New Hampshire, but it has also used the name Monster Energy. If you want to find out more, check out the New Hampshire Motorsports website at http://www.nhms.com.

Why Is NASCAR In New Hampshire?

It is actually the other way around. New Hampshire is now home to the NASCAR Cup Series. The biggest event that the state celebrates is the New Hampshire 300. This is a three-race series that takes place at the end of June, beginning of July, and mid-July. Since its inception in 1948, NASCAR has only held two other races in New Hampshire: the All American 500 in 1958 and the Summer500 in 2009. The largest crowd ever at a NASCAR race was at the 1975 Southern 500, which held at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina. There were 68,000 people in attendance. Since 1979, NASCAR has only had seven seasons with no winner in New Hampshire. In fact, no winners have ever finished in the top ten positions in New Hampshire. This tends to suggest that the fans in New Hampshire don’t necessarily like seeing cars with big engines and shiny paint jobs. Perhaps they prefer it when the drivers fight for the lead.

The Layout Of New Hampshire Speedway

Like many other racing venues, the speedway is triangular in shape. This means that there are three straight lanes, which come together at one point and then split apart in a triangle shape. The triangled oval is 2.5 miles long. It has a banked turn of 18 degrees. Since there are three lanes, there are three sets of banking. This is where the similarity between the track and a triangle ends. The inside of the triangle is all concrete, and the outside is all asphalt. This helps keep the track temperatures down so that the cars don’t overheat and have premature failures. The triangled oval is surrounded by a short chute on three sides and by a catch fence on the other side. The entire track is paved with concrete for optimum traction and safety. This allows fans to come from near and far and still feel the thrill of racing.

The Grandstand And Other Spectators’ Areas

There is no traditional “stadium” type of grandstands at NASCAR tracks. Instead, the sport has chosen banked turns located in the middle of the venue. This means that the fans are positioned on both sides of the track, and there are no visible sections of seats behind the track. This is the case at New Hampshire and most other NASCAR tracks. However, in a few locations, the grandstands are located behind the track, either next to the wall or at the end of one of the straightaways. In the past, the area behind the track was taken up by trees, bushes, and other forms of vegetation. These days, however, there are usually concrete bleachers or modern equivalents there.

Weather In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is located in the Northeast of the United States. This means that its winters are long and cold, while its summers are short and warm. However, the weather in New Hampshire is extremely changeable, so you never know what to expect. The climate is similar to that of the Midwest, but in a more northerly direction. As you can see by looking at a map of New Hampshire, the state is located just far enough north to feel a little nippy in the winter and a little warmer in the summer. Overall, the weather in New Hampshire is rather typical for this area of the country.

Events Calendar

The biggest event in New Hampshire is the New Hampshire 300. This race takes place at the end of June and beginning of July. A second big event is the All American 400, which is held in August. The third and final major event of the year is the season-ending NASCAR Cup Series Championship, which is held in September. Throughout the year, the state celebrates various holidays and events related to NASCAR. These include the Chili Bowl, a pre-season tournament that pits different varieties of chili against each other; and the Jack Ryan Memorial Cup, which honors driver Jack Ryan, who was killed while testing a Ford racing car at the Salem Speedway in 1949. There are also local fairs and festivals that celebrate the sport.

Getting To And From The Races

The biggest drawback to attending a NASCAR race in New Hampshire is actually getting to and from the venue. There is no direct flight to the airport from major cities like New York or Boston. Therefore, you usually have to travel through Albany, New York, or Manchester, New Hampshire, which are the closest major cities. There are also no direct trains or buses to the races. You typically have to take a connecting flight or bus from one of the nearby airports or train stations.

The Amenities Available At The Track

One of the things that make a NASCAR track stand out is the amenities available there. Many venues have restaurants and bars, while others have gyms, swimming pools, and other types of sport’s equipment. The closest thing to a mall at a NASCAR track is Speed Way, the venue’s attached shopping center. It has various stores and restaurants there. Aside from that, there is an indoor shooting range, which is open to the public. This makes for a very convenient way to kill some time between races. If you’re looking to stretch your legs during a break in the action, you can use the range to shoot some hoops or put on a shooting exhibition for friends and family.

The Road To The Future

Ultimately, it is up to the drivers to take the initiative and lead the way to a better future. In a few locations, there are plans for new facilities and other upgrades. At New Hampshire, the track is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. Work began earlier this year and is expected to be completed in time for the 2019 season. The upgrade will include expanded grandstands, improved lighting, and the installation of a video board and sound system. These are all important elements for creating a modern, fan-friendly environment at a track. When they are finished, the fans will feel as though they have climbed up into the clouds and been transported back to their childhood. It is a glorious way to spend a day and night!

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