Where Is Tri-city Speedway? [Answered!]

Tri-city Speedway, named after its location in New York, Connecticut and New London, is one of the more than 700 tracks owned and operated by the World Class Automotive Group (WCA). The premier oval of the group, located in East Troy, Wisconsin, holds NASCAR racing events as well as weekly racing programs that attract fans from around the country.

The track currently holds a monopoly on the region, as the other local professional sports teams have all moved to become members of the National Football League (NFL) or Major League Baseball (MLB). Having teams in both professional sports leagues has allowed the track to draw significant support throughout the year, boosting its profile and expanding its fan base. The New York Racing Association (NYRA) has even stated that if it weren’t for Tri-city Speedway, their all-star ball park in the Bronx would still be devoid of a professional sports franchise.

A Brief History Of The Track

The track was first owned and operated by Eddie Rothman, who also donated money and equipment towards the construction of the current grandstand. In the 1940s, Rothman sold the track to a man named John Rasp, who owned and operated it until his death in 1986.

Rasp passed the track on to his employees, who continued the operation of the track as a family-owned business. Under their leadership, the track increased its live race weekend attendance by 33 percent in five years. In 2009, the family sold the track to a holding company called the International Speedway Corporation (ISC), which then sold it to WCA in 2013. Since then, under the leadership of CEO Doug Boles, the track has continued to grow both in size and prestige.

The Current Status Of The Track

The track is currently undergoing a major expansion project to increase its seating capacity to 22,500. When completed, it will be the third-largest stadium in the state of Wisconsin. The project, which began in 2016 and will continue through at least 2022, is a result of demand from fans and increased exposure on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

Along with the expansion, the track has added a couple of new attractions. First is an ARK. Racetrack Astronomical Observatory, which is a solar-powered device that allows fans to see solar systems and planets rise above the track and into the night sky. Second is a Ferris wheel that overlooks the entire infield and grandstand. It’s the largest of its kind in northern Wisconsin and will further enhance the event’s entertainment value.

Tri-city Speedway At A Glance

Tri-city Speedway is located about an hour’s drive from Milwaukee in the heart of the Rust Belt. Since the stadium is adjacent to residential areas, fans of the track must either walk or drive through the night to get to their seats. This creates an atmosphere that draws heavy traffic, especially on game days.

The track is named after its three-city location, as well as the New York Rangers, who were formerly a part of WCA’s NASCAR network and have a stadium in the city of New York. Due to its small size, the average attendance is approximately 12,000, with some spectators reporting as many as 20,000 visits per year. The track is covered by 500 meters of sports-related newsprint a day, which adds to its prestige.

Why NASCAR And Why Now?

NASCAR and racing in general have seen a resurgence in popularity over the past decade, with television viewership increasing by 300 million from 2010 to 2014. This increased exposure has helped fuel the sport’s growth, along with the introduction of innovative vehicles like the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series cars and the revitalization of classic sports cars.

While the popularity of NASCAR and racing might not be new, it certainly is here now. The sport’s rise in popularity has been propelled by several factors, including:

  • A better-than-ever group of drivers who are more accessible to the average fan.
  • A more sophisticated approach to racing that has made the sport more exciting.
  • A wider variety of tracks, ranging from short road courses to superspeedways, which allow for more racing regardless of the weather conditions or time of year.
  • A more interactive media scene that extends from social media to blogs and forums, creating an opportunity for fans to engage with the sport daily.

While much of the focus has been on NASCAR, the sport has seen similar growth elsewhere. The NHRA, for example, which owns and operates the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has also seen increased interest and greater engagement on social media channels. In fact, the association says that social media has played a larger role in their business—from advertising to traffic planning and measurement—than ever before.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which hosted its first race in 1911, is one of the most recognizable and historic sports venues in the world. It regularly hosts the Indianapolis 500, the longest-running single-race meeting in professional sports, and the Rolex Grand Prix, an annual road race that attracts top international competitors. Thanks in part to social media, the venue now offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite race via live streaming, which has seen increased engagement since its inception.

Where To Eat And Stay

Besides the grandstand and its environs, there are several places to eat and stay near the track. For fans who want to make the trip on foot, there are several restaurants and bars near the stadium, as well as hotels that are attached to the track.

For those who prefer to stay overnight, the nearby Holiday Inn Express & Convention Center (formerly known as the Edgewood Suites)—just one mile from the track—offers comfortable rooms, perfect for a rest after a long day of cheering on your favorite cars.

Is It Worth Visiting?

Considering everything listed above, it’s easy to see why Tri-city Speedway is such a significant track. Not only is it one of the largest and most prominent stadiums in Wisconsin, but it also boasts one of the best atmospheres in all of sports. The unique blend of urban and rural living that the area is known for makes the track even more special.

The track was originally built in 1899 and was designed by the renowned race car driver Barney Oldfield, who also invented the now-famous “spinorama.” If you’ve ever seen the movie Gone With The Wind, you know exactly what a spinorama is—it’s when Scarlett O’Hara invites all her girlfriends for a picnic and then proceeds to spin around in a circle, singing and dancing. In reality, Oldfield designed his own tracks, which means that there are no straightaways or backroads at Tri-city Speedway. The track was built with grandstands on both sides and an elevation change, which gives the spectators a brand new perspective of the action as the cars go by.

Since the construction of the grandstand in the early 1930s, the location has regularly hosted concerts and other forms of entertainment, including monster truck rallies, which are huge events in the area. People travel from all over the country to see these shows and take part in the community’s biggest event.

For those who visit or live in the surrounding area, Tri-city Speedway is well worth a peek. The track itself is open to the public, allowing for residents to come together and share in the excitement of watching cars race.

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