Where Is Volusia Speedway Park? [Ultimate Guide!]

Often people ask me where they can find Volusia Speedway Park, so I figured I would write an article explaining everything you need to know about this unique theme park. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so hopefully this post will help clear up some of the misconceptions.

Unique Location

Volusia Speedway Park is located in Volusia, Florida, on the East Coast of the United States. Volusia is a city divided by the Halifax River, with the beach on one side of the river and the amusement park on the other. The park is named after the river that runs through it, but locals often shorten the name to Vols or Vol. This river is famous for producing manatees, which you can see swimming around in the water. Tourists visit the park from all over the world to see these beautiful creatures.

The exact location of the park is on the corner of South Daytona Beach Boulevard and West New York Avenue. From I-95, you can take the New York Avenue exit and follow the road along the waterfront. Once you reach the end of the bridge, look for the signs that point you to the beach. You will soon see a small parking lot on your right-hand side. That is the site of Volusia Speedway Park. From the parking lot, you can walk or drive toward the main entrance. A security guard will direct you to the left when you enter the gates.


When you enter the park, you will see a wide, paved road with trees and a pathway lined with shops and restaurants. To your right, you will see the ticket booths, main entrance, and the midway. To your left, there is another path that leads to the beaches and ocean. The whole area is surrounded by water on three sides. You will find many different attractions in this park, but they are all related to motorsport. Some of the more prominent ones are listed below.

International Speedway

From what I have observed, this is the main attraction of the park. It is a 1.5-mile dirt track that was once the site of racing competitions. Nowadays the track is a bit rundown and has been a victim of time and weather. It is still used for local events, however, and is a must-see for motorcyclists and racing fans. The track runs along the banks of the Halifax River and is surrounded by lakes on three sides, providing a unique scenic view. You can take a spin around the track in a golf cart for only $20 per person. The total length of the track is approximately 1400 feet. It takes about ten minutes to drive around the entire enclosure. If you ask me, this is one of the best outdoor rollercoasters you can find anywhere.

Wonderland of Wheels

This is a classic wooden rollercoaster that was built in 1967. It is quite an iconic ride in the park, and quite possibly the best one. The track is a bit twisty, which makes for an exhilarating ride. Sadly, this ride is only open during special events and holidays. The cost to ride is $6 for adults, $4 for children. As an added bonus, you get to sing songs from the 1960s with the wooden rollercoasters’ theme song. It is not uncommon for people to ride this attraction multiple times, as it is such a memorable experience. One of the downsides is that the ride is quite slow and there is almost no actual speed. The minimum height requirement is 47 inches. Most people find it quite challenging to fit inside. It is not uncommon for people to get stuck during the ride and have to be rescued by park staff. For the safety of the guests, all park rides are closed during bad weather conditions.

Ride ‘n’ Coasters

This is a fairly new addition to the park, and it is quite an interesting and unique ride. The track is made up of two opposing coasters, which cross over each other above the midway. The ride is named after the iconic rollercoasters that are the backbone of the American Amusement Park. There is nothing conventional about this ride, as it forces you to hug the track and follow the ups and downs of the ride as it goes up and down. A little odd for a first-time visitor, perhaps, but it is such an entertaining moment when you finally manage to grab hold of the lap bar and scream as the coaster goes up and down. The minimum height requirement for this one is 54 inches. It is an open-air ride, so if you are below that height barrier, be careful not to get injured by falling rocks or debris. While this ride is not usually included in the regular park pass, the extra cost is more than compensated by the thrill of the ride. In addition, there is an option to purchase a season pass, which allows you to ride as often as you like during the following months.


This is an area of the park that mainly caters to younger children. The sideshows used to be a part of the regular park admission price, but they are now an extra cost. They are mostly populated with small animals and circus performers. As you may imagine, the small animals are a bit too much for some toddlers to handle, especially the larger animals such as the tigers and lions. Still, it is a unique perspective to see the circus performers in action and learn about traditional circus skills from an interactive distance. The sideshows are open daily in the morning and close at night. The cost of a kid’s pass, which includes the sideshows, is $15.

Shops & Restaurants

Shops and restaurants line the walkway that leads from the entrance toward the midway. These range from food carts to sit-down eateries serving everything from fish and chips to gourmet steaks and fresh French fries. There are also plenty of snack and ice cream carts to keep the kids fueled up during the day. One of the most interesting eateries located here is Fish ‘N’ Chips Company. You guessed it, it is a place where you can get everything from fish and chips to fish and waffles. The menu is quite extensive, and there is something for everyone. A five-star restaurant may not seem like a typical theme park food provider, but you will discover a wide variety of cuisine here. There is also the Rusty Rudder, which serves as the perfect post-ride refueling stop. The cost of food and drink in the restaurant ranges from $3.25 to $9.95. A family of four could easily eat there for $20 to $25.

There is also an option to purchase the deluxe pass, which adds a little more than the regular pass. With this pass you get to have access to the entire park, including the beach, during the day. The cost is $45 per person, which is quite a bargain in comparison to the prices of individual attractions. This pass provides you with another bonus, which is the ability to rent beach chairs and umbrellas for the day ($7 per person). You can also rent a sunshade and beach towels for $5 per person. This pass is ideal for families with teenagers, since it will allow them to have more independence and have some fun without worrying about safety. A must-see for all ages, Volusia Speedway Park has something for everyone.

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