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The year 2022 will be the 15th season of the Premier League, which will be known as the English Premier League from next season. The English league’s season will start earlier than usual, on Saturday 3rd April 2022. The current season will see some major changes. Three of the biggest games this year are: Chelsea versus Southampton, Everton versus Liverpool, and Tottenham versus Wolves. You can follow all the action as it happens by checking out our guide to the 2022 English Premier League fixtures.

When Is The 2022 English Premier League Season?

Unlike many other leagues, the Premier League’s season won’t start in February but will rather begin in early April. The reason behind this is to give the teams more time to gel and settle into their routines before the season kicks off. It’s been a tradition in the English league for some time now that the players don’t report for duty till early April. The tradition started back in 1896 when the first ever Premier League season kicked off.

However, the season won’t end until late October as usual. The Premier League seasons are generally very long due to the number of matches each week. This makes it difficult for the clubs to perform well while putting in the effort to prepare for the next season. The new format is designed to reduce the burden on the clubs, giving them a better chance at success.

How Do I Watch The 2022 English Premier League Season?

The 2022 English Premier League season will be available to watch online via the BBC, the Premier League, and Sky Sports. If you’re outside the UK, you’ll need a VPN to access the internet via geo-blocked services such as BT Sport and YouTube. Many VPNs are completely free, including Nord VPN, Private VPN, and Proton VPN.

Where Can I Watch The 2022 English Premier League Season?

You can view all the matches from the 2022 English Premier League season live on Sky Sports. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can purchase a day pass for £30, which will allow you to watch any match that is broadcast live.

You can also follow all the action via the BBC’s website and app. The English Premier League season lasts for more than a month, so there will be plenty to follow.

The Biggest Games This Year

We have three big games this year, and all of them are between top tier teams. The first game sees Chelsea host Southampton on Saturday 3rd April 2022. This will be followed by Everton versus Liverpool and Tottenham versus Wolves. Each game will be a blockbuster and should be shown on TV.

Southampton versus Chelsea is easily the biggest game of the year. After 15 years of separation, the two London clubs will play each other for the first time ever. It’s fair to say that this game will determine the outcome of the season. A win for Chelsea will see them challenge for the title, while a loss for Southampton could well see them languish in mid-table.

Everton versus Liverpool is another big game. The two Merseyside clubs have been playing each other for more than a century and have always enjoyed a fierce rivalry. It’s fair to say that there’s a lot at stake with this fixture. Both sides will be battling it out for top spot in the Premier League, and with both being undefeated at the moment, the competition is very keen. Liverpool are currently in second place, but with a game in hand, while Everton are in third.

Tottenham versus Wolves is the third and final big game of the year. Tottenham are unbeaten this season and currently sit in sixth place, with Wolves in 12th position. The North London club have been very impressive this year and have proved that Harry Kane is still one of the best strikers in the world. With this being their first meeting of the season, it will be interesting to see how Wolves manager Gergji Pachiti interpret the Tottenham playbook. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this game is the fact that it is being played in London. The location of the match has never been a regular occurrence in Premier League history, and it will certainly be a first for this season’s edition.

Other Important Games

There are several other important games this year, some of which could see late goals and therefore be shown on TV. These include Fulham versus Arsenal, Newcastle versus Aston Villa, and Burnley versus Leicester. It’s important to remember that some of these games are being played on the final day of the season, which will be before midnight. In these situations, broadcasts may be subject to change in order to accommodate the end of the season.

Predicted Winner

With three big games this year and all of them being between top tier teams, it’s fair to say that this year’s English Premier League will be one of the most exciting in recent memory. In all three games, the winner will be determined over 90 minutes. It’s fair to say that a draw isn’t an option, and the third qualifier will more than likely see one of these three clubs claim the Premier League trophy.

Final Standings

At the end of the season, we’ll see the top three teams in the Premier League table play each other over two legs. The club that wins the majority of these matches will claim the Premier League title. Here’s a look at how the 2019/20 Premier League table would look like, had all the matches gone according to plan:

Liverpool would be celebrating winning the Premier League title, while Chelsea and Tottenham would fight it out for second place. Man City, who finished sixth, would have gone into the summer break as Premier League champions. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this season is that it will be the first to use video assistant referees (VAR). All the Premier League matches will be subject to VAR, which will help referees make the right decisions and avoid any controversies. As a result of VAR, the number of red cards dropped by half, and the number of goals by an average of 1.5. These stats suggest that VAR had a positive effect on gameplay and made the matches more exciting. It’s difficult to tell how the use of VAR will play out, but with three major games this year, we’ll certainly see plenty of evidence.

Let’s have a look at how the current season has panned out so far and see how our predictions did. Keep in mind that we’re only at the halfway point of the season, so things could still change. Here’s a quick recap of how everyone did:

Swansea drew 0-0 with Arsenal while Brighton and Hove Albion and Burnley drew 1-1 and 0-1 respectively. Sheffield United and Huddersfield Town both lost their first games 2-0. Wolves, Everton, and Liverpool drew 1-1, while Tottenham drew 1-0 with Manchester United and Chelsea beat Leicester City 2-0. The Gunners and Swans haven’t found the back of the net yet, while all the other teams have scored multiple goals.

Where Can I watch International Football this year?

The next major tournament is the UEFA Champions League. The premier league clubs will join the fray alongside the English national team. It’s a relatively tight competition, and only the very best will make it to the latter stages. These are the games that you should look out for:

• Chelsea versus Tottenham (September 19th)

The first of two big London derby games sees Tottenham host Chelsea. The match will be shown live on Sky Sports and the Wembley Stadium is expected to be jam-packed. A win for either side could see them claim the Premier League title. While a draw would keep Spurs in contention, a defeat would surely end their hopes. In the past, these teams have often drawn, with the victor being decided by a coin toss. However, this could be a first in Premier League history and maybe even the entire knockout stage of the Champions League. This game will provide us with a golden opportunity to witness how these two juggernauts of English football will perform against each other. We’ll get a good idea of how the competition is going to shape up.

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