Who Does Speedway Get Their Gas From? [Facts!]

Ever wonder where all the gas stations in the middle of nowhere are located? Or which ones prefer to stay open late on a Saturday night and offer those last-minute gas cans? Or how about those who choose to remain open on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day? Curious about the fuel deliveries that keep your local gas station open? You’re in luck – we’re answering all these questions and more in today’s blog post!

When Do They Deliver?

You’ll notice that a lot of gas stations in the middle of nowhere won’t have any delivery trucks driving down the street before noon. That’s because they get their gas from a local supplier – sometimes called a wholesale gas station. The delivery man drives a “sked” (small truck) to each location around noon, then returns in the evening to pick up any remaining orders. Wholesale gas stations offer that convenience to businesses that don’t have the time to go to the station themselves – so that’s why you usually see them in smaller towns and less populated areas. Keep in mind that if you have a specific fuel brand you prefer – like Shell or Exxon – you’ll need to ask if they have that option as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Be The Only Provider?

That depends. A lot of gas stations in the middle of nowhere have chosen to become exclusive providers of one or two fuel brands because it’s so much cheaper than buying in bulk. The majority of the time, exclusive providers charge a delivery fee of between $5 and $15 per week. That’s pretty much the same cost as a regular delivery truck – so it’s a great deal for the convenience.

Why Do They Stay Open Late On Weekends?

If you ever drive through the middle of nowhere on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll notice that most of the gas stations are open late. That’s because they need the business. Many of them do their best to stay open all night on weekdays as well – especially on Christmas and New Year’s Day. The main reason behind this is to get those last-minute gas cans. If they close at midnight on a Saturday night, they’ll lose a ton of business because there’ll be nothing left by the time they reopen at 8 a.m. on Monday morning. You’ll also see some gas stations open 24/7 during the summer months – again, for the same reasons as above.

Do They Deliver On Christmas And New Year’s Day?

Yes, most definitely! It’s tradition in some parts of the country for gas stations to stay open on Christmas and New Year’s Day. So if you’re running short on holiday cheer, you could always stop by a gas station on Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve to top up. Many gas stations in the middle of nowhere will be open on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – sometimes even 24/7! So if you’re planning to be out of town at the time, be sure to stop by a gas station beforehand to save you some holiday stress when you return home.

What About Those Who Don’t Want To Buy From The Mainstream?

If you live in a small community where everyone buys from the same provider, you may find that some stores and restaurants have chosen to stop buying fuel from them and switched to an alternative provider instead.

This can lead to some unpleasantness at first. When the other shop owners and employees find out that your shop or restaurant has switched suppliers, they may try to blockade you in order to keep using their fuel. Fortunately, most businesses will see the advantages of switching to more affordable options and choose to cooperate. After all, you can’t exactly force someone to work with you if they don’t want to.

Which Type Of Businesses Do They Serve?

As mentioned above, most gas stations in the middle of nowhere are operated by independent contractors who sell one or two fuel brands. They then purchase that fuel from a wholesale supplier and pump it into their own tanks. So if you’re looking for a quick-stop place for those commuting to work or school, you could always head to a gas station. Depending on the terrain, you may find that some gas stations are open to everybody while others are closed to non-residents. If you have a car accident or become stranded far from home, you’ll need the help of a local gas station – so make sure you’re aware of the location of the nearest one.

Where Do They Park?

You’ll notice that a lot of gas stations in the middle of nowhere don’t have any parking lots – at least, not near the store. Instead, they’ve chosen to allow car owners to purchase fuel at street level, then drive off in the direction that they came from. That has a couple of advantages. First, it keeps the cars off the road. Second, it keeps the pumps and the attendants from getting any damage from parking cars in front of them. Third, it keeps potential break-in attempts to a minimum. Fourth, it keeps the environment clean – the gas stations in the middle of nowhere often run on solar power, so they don’t pollute the air with gasoline fumes.

What About That One Over There?

If you’re in a bigger town and don’t know where to find the gas stations in the middle of nowhere, here’s a list of some of them. Remember, however, that in most cases, you’ll need to enter the ZIP code to determine which one is closest to you.

Here’s the list:

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