Who Makes Speedway Welders? [Ultimate Guide!]

Speedway Welders are a type of equipment that is used in construction sites to grind away concrete and asphalt. They are typically gas-operated and have a 20-inch grinder drum that is driven by a hydraulic system. Most construction sites have several of these machines, which are used mainly for grinding away road surfaces before re-surfacing or before and after a new construction project. We will discuss the different types of manufacturers that produce these machines, as well as the parts that they use.


The first type of Speedway welder is the roller type. These are also known as “screeders” or “sweepers” and they were originally designed to smooth out road surfaces after a heavy truck traffic has passed over them. That being said, today’s roller-type speedway welder can do much more than just smooth out road surfaces; modern versions can dig into concrete and asphalt, as well as crush brick and stone. This is thanks to the addition of a rotary tiller bar that can be used to push the drum in a forward or reverse direction, as needed. The forward and reverse thrust gives the user more control over the depth of the cut.


The next type of Speedway welder is the pneumatic type. These were originally designed to replace human laborers in laying down asphalt or concrete. They are also more suitable for large construction sites, as they can handle more weight and pressure than other types of equipment. Essentially, the user controls the pressure and flow of a compressed gas, such as air or CO2, which is used to power the device. The parts of a pneumatic-type speedway welder are easier to replace than those of a roller-type speedway welder, so if something goes wrong you can quickly fix it and continue working. In most cases, a quick stop at the hardware store will result in a repair that will only take a few minutes.


With the third type of Speedway welder, we come to the category of electrical motors. These are also known as “rotary power drivers” and they were initially used in the concrete and asphalt industries to drive power takeoff devices, such as concrete mixers or asphalt pavers. They are very reliable and have a long service life, but they also require a lot of maintenance and care. Because of this, many contractors have stopped using them and switched to either pneumatic or roller types. However, if you need a speedway welder that is as precise as an electric motor and still need to operate in extreme climates or environments then these are the types of motors for you. The only downside is that they are more expensive to maintain and repair than the other two types of speedway welder mentioned above.


The last type of speedway welder is the gas type. They were initially designed to enhance a specific feature of the concrete and asphalt industries: the controlled gas release of concrete and asphalt, respectively. Essentially, these are just like larger versions of the same type of equipment used by the quarry industry to break up rock into small pieces for aggregate purposes. That being said, gas types can also be used for the general purpose of breaking up hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, as well as stone, brick, and rock. This is why these types of speedway welder are known as “jackhammers” in some areas. Because of their shape and the type of materials they can break apart, these types of items are also often used as decorations for Halloween parties and festivals.

As you can see, the different types of makers that produce these items are very diverse and specialized; this is due to the fact that they are designed for specific purposes. If you are looking to purchase a speedway welder then it’s best to shop around for a model that is suited for the type of work that you will be doing. If possible, seek out a used one that has been previously serviced and maintained by a reputable company.

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