Who Won At Fairbury Speedway Last Night? [Updated!]

It was a pretty exciting last race at Fairbury Speedway. The track had been shut down for a while after this years’ event, but the fans came back in full force and it was one great party.

After so many years of planning and hard work, Bernie Ecclestone finally got to enjoy one of his favorite events – the British Grand Prix. Having watched the race live on television at home, he could finally get out and about, meet the fans, and enjoy a picnic with family and friends. It was almost as if the 77-year old billionaire wished he could stay a little longer, but the fans wanted their pictures taken and their stories told. So, after a great day, he had to bid everyone goodbye and head home. But it didn’t deter him from returning for next year’s race, which will mark his 90th birthday!

The Race

The race started with a bang. After more than a year of renovations, the track finally reopened and the drivers were able to tear down the gates, which would remain closed for the rest of the race. The track got pretty wet, so the cars had to deal with a lot of water. There were several big crashes early on, which brought out the first of today’s red flags. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured.

Just like any other Grand Prix, the first half of the race was pretty uneventful. After a while, Mark Webber made a slight move forward, which put him in the lead. His team mate, Daniel Ricciardo, got tangled up in the back and made an emergency stop. Webber went on to win the race, while Ricciardo came in a close second.

The Aftermath

The accidents didn’t stop there. After the race, a number of incidents occurred, some of which were pretty scary. One fan was pinned against the fence after a heavy accident and had to be saved by medics. Another was trapped under a car for more than 10 minutes before being freed. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured in those accidents.

Overall Impression

Overall, it was a pretty amazing night. The fans seemed extremely happy that the track was reopened and were over the moon that their beloved Bernie had finally made it to the top stage. It was great to see all the different styles of cars and how they handled on the track. This was a track that had hosted some pretty iconic moments in F1 history. It’s pretty hard to put into words the feeling that came over me after leaving the track. It was like coming down from an adrenaline rush and realizing that it was almost over.

What About 2019?

As for next year, they haven’t decided yet whether or not to continue with the event. But one thing is for sure – Bernie will be back!

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