Who Won At Kansas Speedway Today? [Fact Checked!]

The 2019 kansas speedway racing season is now history. The checkered flag waved one last time at the end of a long day of racing. Who were the big winners today and which driver took home the trophy? Let’s take a quick glance at the results and post-race analysis for all the races at Kansas Speedway.

2019 AMA Superbike Race

The first race of the day was the AMA Superbike Championship race. This is one of the biggest races of the year and one of the most prestigious. It was held over 150 miles from the start in Kansas City, Kansas. The big question was going to be who could manage the long trek across country while keeping up with the pace of professional motorcycle racing. The distance and the altitude might have been a challenge for some, but it was definitely an opportunity for others. In the end, it was Austin Ankrum who took home the hard-earned trophy. The 19-year-old was the first rider of the day to cross the line in second place. He beat out his teammate Marvin Musquin by just under a second. Their Honda teammates Ben Spies and Josh Grant rounded out the podium. That was a great effort by all involved. It looks like they are all ready to take on the world on one arm and a good bike. The win was a particularly sweet one for Ankrum since it was his first big race of the season. This was also the first time he won on a road course. Congratulations to the young Texan.

X Games Gold Medal Final

The X games are a premier event at the summer Olympics. It features the top performing snowboarders and skiiers from around the world. The finale was one to remember. The top three riders competed in a one-on-one death match to determine who would be crowned the gold medal winner. It was an incredible display of athlete skill and bravery. It had all the makings of a blockbuster movie. There was a dramatic pause at the end when the Italian Enrico Gasparini landed a frontside double-bicycle on the Egyptian rider Farid El-Khoury, sending him sprawling to the ground. The Italian then landed a stomp on Farid’s helmet, knocking it off. It was all very exciting to watch. In the end, Gasparini’s high-flying acrobatics won him the gold medal. It was great to see the X games bring the world to Kansas City. Congratulations to the Italian. In fact, he took home four medals, including the gold, setting a new record for most gold medals won by any country at the X games. It was a historic showing for Italy.

Whelen Engineering 250

The next race on the card was the Whelen Engineering 250. This is an annual event aimed at showcasing the best in amateur racing. It’s named after the legendary Jack Whelen, who was the founder of the place and still holds the record for most wins at the track. There were 20 riders on the grid, making it one of the biggest races of the year. It was also a chance for the amateur racers to show off their talent and earn some good experience in the process. Unfortunately, it was also one of the wettest races in recent memory. The track was covered in one inch of water, making it absolutely miserable for the competitors. The good news is the event was still a success. There were only a few injuries during the race, but it was a learning experience for everyone. We should all be grateful that Jack Whelen decided to continue holding the event even though it was raining and cold. The rain would have made it harder for the riders to grip the handlebars and maintain control, so we can only imagine how dangerous this would have been. Thankfully, the track was saved, and the fans got to enjoy the spectacle of the racing through the downpour. The racing was exciting and the crashes were spectacular. This was a very entertaining race to watch. It should be noted that in the middle of the race there was a moment of excitement when a massive crash broke out on the track. One driver went down, but fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. Let’s just say that people were a little shaken up after this one. It happens, but it’s nice to have the safety of everyone in mind, especially during these exciting moments. This is why we keep going to the track, to have fun and watch the greats race, but also to remember to be careful. Even though the crashes were spectacular, that’s why we keep on sliding on the tracks. They say it’s for the thrill of the ride, but also to remind us that anyone can fall at any time. The crashes were certainly the highlight of the Whelen Engineering race, but the fans also got to enjoy the spectacular flying bikes and aggressive driving styles of the top amateur racers around the world. This is a great event to see live if you are into motorbike racing and also happen to be in Kansas City. It wouldn’t hurt to add that as far as food goes, the taverne’s chicken fried steak is quite possibly the best in Kansas City. It’s finger lickin’ good. So, if you are in Kansas City and also into motorbike racing, make sure you add this one to your bucket list. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Firestone 600

The final race on the card was the Firestone 600. This is a legendary race that has been around since the inception of the Indy car racing in 1914. It was named after the tire company that used to supply the cars. It is one of the more prestigious events of the year. Typically, the top three or four drivers in the world earn their spot on the podium. For the Firestone 600, the starting line was positioned at the front of the track. The five car drivers took their spots and waited for the gun to go off. As the green flag waved, the cars quickly took off. It was an impromptu start that left all the drivers a little surprised. It wasn’t long before the field had bunched up. The drivers began racing for position, working their way through the pack. At one point, there were five cars and a motorcycle in the middle of the pack. It was an interesting start to the race, but soon the cars were once again running one after another. This is when the real racing began. After 50 laps, it was clear that something was up. The track was covered in debris, and there were a number of cars that had been seriously damaged. At this point, it looked like a war had broken out between the drivers, as some were clearly trying to protect their position while others sought to catch them. It was like a battle for survival. The only way to the checkered flag was through a complete circuit. This is the last race of the year for many drivers. It was definitely a war-torn finale to the day. Let’s just say that as far as cars go, this is one to add to your bucket list. The damage was amazing. There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the circuit. Some of the accidents were even gruesome. It’s rare to see cars go this fast this close to the finish. This certainly was not your normal, everyday, drive to work.

Final Analysis

So, did you race at Kansas Speedway today? If so, what did you think of the events? Did you see any good racing? Which driver impressed you the most? I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s events. Feel free to leave me a comment below, or, if you’d like, you can join the conversation on Twitter @ArnoldPavlicek.

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