Who Won At Lincoln Speedway Last Night? [Expert Review!]

One of the most interesting happenings of the last year has been the rise in popularity of auto racing in general, and NASCAR in particular. With the release of the hit movie “Richard Hammond’s Big Weekend,” which was inspired by the former Top Gear host’s 2009 trip to the U.S. for an auto race, more and more people are interested in racing. There are now organized racing events happening all over the world, with the United States being the most popular location for these races. With the right equipment, there is no reason why you couldn’t do the same thing in your own backyard. One of the best places to race in the U.S. is now happening in Lincoln, Nebraska. Every week, thousands of people descend on this Midwestern city to take part in one of the most interesting sporting events in the country. Last night was the season finale of the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and it was one of the most entertaining races of the year. After 13 months, the season came down to this moment: ten drivers remain in the chase for the NASCAR championship, and last night was their last chance to shine on the national stage before their teams head into the offseason. With just a few laps to go and a heavy storm heading their way, this would be anyone’s race to win. But as the checkered flag waved, the question on everyone’s mind was: who won last night’s NASCAR race?

The Race

The 2016 season of NASCAR has been full of unpredictable storylines and exciting battles for the championship. Despite all the controversies and turmoil, the series has somehow managed to keep its core audience entertained. Since its inception in the 1950s, NASCAR has always been a racing series for the fans. Its races are consistently one of the most exciting segments of the entire season, and that was certainly the case last night. From lap one, the race was tight. For the first few laps, there were cars switching lanes all over the place, with Daniel Suarez (Red Bull) leading the way. But as the race wore on, traffic began to build up, and the racing became more and more sporadic. In the final few laps, it resembled a road race more than a normal NASCAR event. Although Tony Stewart (Chevy) and Martin Truex (Toyota) had a close fight for the lead, it was ultimately Alex Bowman (Subaru) who claimed the checkered flag, winning the entire race. Heading into this season, the biggest question was whether or not the ‘Joker’, Daniel Suarez, could keep his momentum going into the playoffs. For the first time in his career, he did not disappoint, winning four out of the last five races, including the very finale that we are reviewing today. This is a huge feat considering that Suarez is one of the most underrated drivers in the entire series. The “Kamikaze” driver’s aggressive and fearless style has always gotten the best results, and in the end, it was exactly what the team needed to claim the championship.

The Playoffs And Chase For The Championship

After the race, the drivers dispersed, heading for their cars and getting ready for the post-race festivities. But before they could head to their cars, they had to go through the winner’s circle to get their awards. Once a driver crosses the line and gets their trophy, they have to wait for the national anthem to be played, before they can drive away. In addition to the trophy, each driver earns a small cash bonus, which is great for those who qualify for the playoffs. The NASCAR Playoffs consist of twelve races across the country, culminating in the season finale and the championship. Last night, the playoffs came to a close, with the winner determined after the last race. After the final checkered flag, it was Matt Kenseth (Chevy) who got his hands on the trophy, winning a record-breaking ninth championship. The 2017 NASCAR season was one of the most interesting yet, and it will certainly be missed by fans who were able to witness it.

But the story does not end here. The final standings of the 2016 NASCAR season show a lot of change. For the first time in a long time, NASCAR does not have the clear-cut favorite to win the championship. Instead, we have seen a wide variety of drivers rise up the ranks and claim victory during the season. For instance, Trevor Bayne (Toyota) – another driver who had a rough year – won five races during the season, including the last one, where he sealed the deal with a dominant performance and beat out Brad Keselowski (Chevy) and Joey Logano (Shell) for the championship. This is a far cry from previous years, when one driver would always emerge as the clear-cut favorite to take home the trophy. This year, it was much closer than we have seen in recent memory, and that makes for an extremely interesting 2018 and beyond.

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