Who Won Nascar Race At Texas Motor Speedway? [Expert Review!]

On April 17th, the 2019 Nascar race was held at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. For decades, the NASCAR racing series had been based in the South, but in recent years, as the sport had grown in popularity, the races had been held in other places as well.

This year’s race was especially exciting because it was a showdown between the top three drivers from the 2018 season. As always, the racing was fast and furious, but there were a few key moments that made this year’s race truly unforgettable.

Kevin Harvick Wins The 2019 Nascar Championship.

After 27 years of driving for Richard Childress, Kevin Harvick had won the championship. In 2018, Harvick had a lot of competition thanks in part to a driver’s championship that was won by Ryan Newman. But in the final race of the season, Harvick triumphed and became the first driver to win the Nascar title at three different tracks. It also marked the first time that the championship had been decided in a season finale. This year’s championship will be remembered as one of the greatest in history because of Harvick’s incredible comeback in the final race of the season.

Denny Hamlin Wins His Second Straight Nascar Championship.

In the final race before the championship was decided, Denny Hamlin had a commanding lead. But in the final corner, Michael McDowell spun out, which allowed Hamlin to sneak by and win his second straight championship. This year was a little different from the last because Hamlin was driving for a different team in the final race than he had in the other 20. But the fact still remained that Hamlin had won five races in a row to close out the season. And his magical run at the season finale was enough to clinch the 2019 championship. So it was another comeback for Hamlin, who is now a two-time champion, having also won in 2015. What an incredible run by Hamlin this year.

Martin Truex Jr. Earns His Third Nascar Championship.

While we’re on the subject of comebacks, let’s not forget about Martin Truex, Jr. This year, Truex Jr. made a name for himself by winning a race at each of the four largest tracks in the country. After winning the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2018, he clinched his third straight championship in the final race of the season. And despite it being his first year with Furnace Motors, Truex had already clinched the championship before the checkered flag flew for the final time. What an incredible comeback for Truex Jr. He won his first two titles with Barney Fife and then drove for Jack Roush before finally finding a home with Furnace Motors. If history is any indicator, Truex will continue to win championships with the team.

Kyle Busch Wins His First Nascar Championship.

In his first season with the Stewart-Haas Racing team, Kyle Busch surprised many by winning the championship. After leading for much of the season, Busch won by virtue of more wins than his closest competitor, Martin Truex Jr. And in case you’re wondering, this time around, Busch did win his first championship at a track other than his home, Bristol Motor Speedway. In fact, he won at both Texas Motor Speedway and Phoenix Raceway in the same year, becoming only the second person to do so. What an incredible season for Busch, who had already been on a record-setting pace in the previous year with only 17 races.

Some Of The Greatest Moments At The Texas Motor Speedway.

As we mentioned above, the 2019 Nascar race was one for the record books. But in addition to witnessing history being made at the highest level of motorsports, fans also got to witness some incredible individual performances. Here are just some of the greatest moments from the 2019 Texas Motor Speedway championship race:

1) Brad Keselowski Clinches The 2019 Nascar Championship With A Burst Of Speed.

The first key moment of the race came when Brad Keselowski, driving for the Team Penske had a massive accident. During the first caution period, Keselowski’s tire blew out, which allowed him to slam on the brakes and nearly catch up to the leaders, Joey Logano and Aric Almirola. Keselowski went on to win the race, but it was just a prelude to what was about to happen. After the race, Keselowski was issued a penalty because of his aggressive driving and eventually lost his championship. But it was a defining moment for the 2019 season.

2) Martin Truex Jr. Walks Away With The Lead In The Final Lap.

The next key moment came when Martin Truex Jr. wanted to put an end to his 2019 championship run. On the final lap, after leading for much of the race, Truex Jr. was passed by Kyle Busch, who went on to win the race. But on the final lap, Truex Jr. had one more race to go. With Busch behind him, Truex Jr. ran on the apron and tried to sneak by. What happened next was one of the biggest mistakes that a driver can make. As Truex Jr. was going through the apron, he clipped a jet ski and was sent tumbling into the wall, which caused him to lose the lead. But it was too late for Busch, who had taken the opportunity and went on to win the 2019 Nascar title. After the race, Truex Jr. appeared to be in shock as he walked towards the checkered flag. But he did regain his composure in time to celebrate with his team in victory lane.

3) Kyle Busch Takes The Lead On The FINAL TRACK.

Another incredible moment came when Kyle Busch took the lead in the last corner on the last lap. After leading most of the way, Busch was followed by Aric Almirola and then Joey Logano. With Almirola and Logano behind him, Busch gunned it on the final lap and took the lead. What an incredible drive by Busch, who also happened to be driving for the team that his father, Mike, had co-founded. What an incredible team owner! While it was a bit of a risky move given that he was already behind the safety of a locked and loaded car, the gamble paid off for Busch as he went on to win the championship. Despite the risks, Busch had continued to drive aggressively throughout the 2019 season and that showed in this one monumental display of speed.

4) Joey Logano Scores His First Nascar Championship With A Burst Of Courage.

One of the most amazing stories of the 2019 championship race had to be Joey Logano. In the final race of the season, after leading most of the way, Logano was passed by Kyle Busch. But unlike the previous lap where he’d simply reacted and tried to get back to the lead, Logano didn’t back down. Knowing that he was now behind the safety of a locked and loaded car, Logano put on a masterful display of courage. He stayed patient, maneuvered his way through traffic and went on to score his first Nascar championship. What an incredible story and an incredible display of courage!

5) Aric Almirola Defends His Title With A Burst Of Skill.

Another amazing story had to be Aric Almirola. Many drivers get a little too excited at the end of the season, thinking that they’re going to go out and easily win the championship. But Almirola had other ideas. In the final race of the season, after leading most of the way, Aric Almirola was passed by Kyle Busch and Joey Logano. But like a true champion, Almirola didn’t get rattled and immediately went into victory lane to secure his second straight championship. What an incredible comeback for Almirola, who had been penalized earlier in the year for intentionally wrecking another competitor. What an incredible year for the 40-year-old Alabama native. He’d won five races in a row before the season finale, but it took a bit of strategy to get his second championship. While many may have given up at this point in the season, it was clear that Almirola wasn’t going to be denied his second straight championship. What an incredible driver and competitor!

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