Who Won The Race At Texas Speedway? [Updated!]

The 2017 season is over, which means there are fewer motorsport events to cover. However, that doesn’t mean we stop keeping an eye on them. One of the last events on the calendar is the Texas Motor Speedway. This is a motorsport stadium located in the middle of Texas, so it was only natural that a lot of motorsport enthusiasts came from all over the place to take part in this historic event. The weather was beautiful, which is fortunate because this was a day for the fans rather than the drivers. It was a chance to relive some of the best moments of the season, and see some really great racing.

The Fans Had A Blast

I have been to a lot of different motorsport events this year, and I have to say that the fans at the Texas Motor Speedway had one of the best experiences I have ever seen at a motorsport venue. The atmosphere was incredible, and it was definitely a day for the record books. On the opening lap, there were 33 cars lining up in the grid, and only four were running at the finish.

The fans got to see a lot of different cars, and a variety of drivers. The most interesting thing about this particular event is that it was open to everybody. Whether you were a NASCAR diehard or a Formula One fan, you could join the party. The drivers were more than accommodating, and made sure everyone had a good time. You could tell that these men and women were used to getting out on the track and giving it their all, so they certainly didn’t mind giving a few extra hours to the fans. One of the biggest names in Formula One even took part in the race, demonstrating how important the event was to the community.

Formula One veteran Alain Prost took the victory in the Formula One Grand Prix. His teammate, Fernando Alonso, came in second, while the American Danica Patrick rounded out the podium.

Good Racing From Top To Bottom

Looking at the opening and closing rounds of the Texan race, it’s clear to see that there was some exceptional one- and two-car duels. We got to see multiple flips, spins, and some seriously fast racing. The top three cars were traveling at nearly 200 mph when they crossed the finish line. This is no easy feat, and these drivers have to train intensively to be able to pull this off. Even more impressive is that, up until the end, these battles were all happening behind the scenes, with only the flags and occasional camera angles revealing what was going on. It’s safe to assume that everybody who took part in this historic event left with a smile on their face.

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