Who Won The Race Today At Atlanta Motor Speedway? [Answered!]

The race was great! Even if you were a little disappointed that you did not score any points, it was still an exciting race to watch. Here’s how the competitors did:

The Big Three:

1. Team Penske’s Brad Keselowski won the race today by running the cleanest race of the entire season and outlasting his competitors to secure the win. It was a very well-deserved victory considering the strong performance of the #2 NAPA Auto Parts Ford Fusion he drove today, and how dominant he was in all three phases of the race (qualifying, race, and post-race). We’re sure he was happy to finally get that elusive first win of 2019.

Second place:

2. Coming in second place was another great race for the #19 Roger Penske Racing team. They used a similar strategy to beat Team Penske, by bringing the freshest tires and strategic cautions at the right time. This time, they outran the other competitors to secure the second spot on the podium. Congratulations to all the team members for a very well-deserved second place.

Third place:

3. Third place went to the #27 HRT Motorsports with Risi Competizione squad, who also used a strategy of fresher tires and late-race cautions to secure their spot on the podium. Congratulations to the entire team for a superb race effort!

The Rest:

The remaining competitors all fought bravely, some even causing multiple flips or crashes. But in the end, they all came in fourth through tenth places, proving how competitive this year’s race was. It was a fantastic display of how the season’s first race panned out. Everyone in the garage area was talking about how great this race was and how much it improved over last year’s edition. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

Who Is Winning The Moment In The History Books?

Today’s winner is already in the history books, as the 2019 edition of the Atlanta Motor Speedway was the first to use the new date format. This change made it possible to keep the IndyCar race on the same day as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, resulting in more fans and more opportunities for the public to attend. The new, faster race time of three hours also means more opportunities for competitors to score points and win the race. It’s clear that INDYCAR’s new President, Cindy Spiegel, wants to elevate the popularity of the series and make it a significant player on the sports scene. The last three years have seen the series gain popularity thanks to the efforts of the entire staff, lead drivers, and other competitors who’ve put in the time and effort to improve their cars’ setups and strategies to fight for the top spot. While we’re disappointed that we did not score any points, this year’s race was still one of the best we’ve ever seen!

Looking Forward:

Looking forward to the next race, we find ourselves hoping for mostly sunny skies and a clear track. While the last few years have seen temperatures rise, making the track surface quite slick and dangerous, we’re still hopeful that the track will remain dry and clean for the race fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting this milestone event. The last thing we want is for another inclement weather situation, such as rain or snow, to ruin the fun of the fans who’ve traveled from near and far to attend this race. The 2019 edition of the Atlanta Motor Speedway marks a turning point in the history of the IndyCar racing series, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting series.

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