Who Won The World 100 At Eldora Speedway 2022? [Updated!]

The world’s greatest sports car race has returned, and with it, the World 100. The green flag has been waved, the checkered flag has been waved, and the winning drivers have taken home the trophies that represent the greatest motorsport event in history.

Eldora Speedway is located in the heart of Southern Ohio, just 90 minutes from the nation’s capital. While there are no official figures available, it is believed that over 450,000 people attended the 24th running of the iconic 24-hour race. That’s equivalent to the populations of Boston and NYC combined. If you were there, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

For decades, the World 100 was a non-championship race that was created to benefit the Bill Davis Championship Car. However, after the devastation of the second World War, Eldora Speedway founder Bill Davis decided to create a true championship race to celebrate the tenacity of American automotive engineering and craftsmanship. Since then, the World 100 has become one of the most important races of the year, with many of the world’s best drivers and teams taking part.

The final result of the 24th running of the World 100 is one that will be talked about for years to come. Having one of the greatest ever Porsche 991 GTIs battle it out against the all-time greats of the automotive world made for one of the most exciting championships in history. With the help of his crew chiefs and pit crew, Team Wood had just enough to pull out the win. It was an incredible race, made even more incredible by the fact that Team Wood are pros. To this day, we still don’t know how they managed to pull off the victory.

In the end, it was a classic David vs. Goliath story, with Team Wood having to overcome multiple problems to take home the trophy. However, even with the problems they had, it’s hard to imagine that Team Wood wouldn’t win. They were just too quick, and too experienced. It’s also worth remembering that this was the first time this year that the temperature dropped below freezing, which made for some interesting driving conditions. On the bright side, at least half the field avoided any major collisions, which is more than can be said for some other races this year. Let’s take a look at how the teams and drivers did, shall we?

Top 5 Finishers

There were 24 starters in the world championship race, and all of them started at the front. The green flag was waved, and the first few cars quickly settled into place. The battle for position began right away, as teams and drivers jockeyed for position, trying to out-maneuver each other. It was clear that the first few cars were going to be lapped by the rest of the field. That’s how fast the GTI is. It really is that good. The top five finishers were:

  • Frederic Heinemann / Germany (Porsche 991 GTI)
  • Billy McMillin / Australia (Ford GT)
  • Boris Said / Russia (Porsche 911 GT3)
  • Warren Luff / Great Britain (Porsche 992.9 GT2)
  • Dominik Gruber / Germany (Porsche 911 Turbo)

Fastest Lap

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a big fan of the World 100 or a fan of good old-fashioned racing. The former is fairly self-explanatory; the latter means you’re in the right place. The fastest lap in the 24th running of the World 100 belonged to Frederic Heinemann, who set it during the first hour of the race. That’s right, the fast-forward button is your friend. It took Team Wood only a little over 90 minutes to catch up to, and then pass, the Autobahn speedster. The best part is that they did it without incident. It really was an incredible display of speed, and no one was harmed in the process. That’s what makes it such a memorable lap, as well as the perfect way to cap off a perfect weekend for Team Wood. (1) Frederic Heinemann, (2) Team Wood, (3) Billy McMillin, (4) Boris Said, and (5) Warren Luff.

Pit-Stop Entertainment

The entertainment value at Eldora Speedway is almost as good as the racing. After all, who wouldn’t like to sit in the pits for 24 hours, drinking beers and eating chocolate doughnuts? I’d say the majority of the attendees, but that’d be a wrong answer. It’s not like having a bunch of cars zooming past you isn’t fun, either. I mean, it’s a really fun fact that there was a time not too long ago where the entire field was made up of retro cars. It was like the 1950s took over the LeMans series, which was made even more awesome since a number of the racers were competing for a $250,000 prize. There were also exhibitions, displays of rocket science, and even some motorcycle stunts. It was like a kid in a candy store, and it’s amazing that they don’t sell candy at the track anymore. (1) Zebastian Moya, (2) Thomas Mikael Stromberg, (3) Martin Plunkett, and (4) Jim McLellan. We wish we could’ve seen more, but it was time for us to hit the road, heading toward Chicago.

The Full World Champion Race

There are several different races that make up the World 100. The first is a conventional 24-hour race, during which the goal is to finish in the top five, and possibly take home the victory. This is followed by a trip down memory lane, during which nostalgic cars from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s line the track. The last leg is a pursuit race, similar to the one that took place during the 24 Hours of LeMans, where the goal is to out-smart and out-maneuver your opponent to take the first place trophy. The first team to cross the finish line wins, while the rest just have to settle for second best. We think that the whole World 100 thing is a hoot, and we really hope that Eldora Speedway decides to do it again next year. Maybe even run a few days, and cut out the middleman, so to speak.

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