Why Are Speedway Gas Stations Closing? [Facts!]

Are you surprised that there aren’t any gas stations along your route to work? You might not always find what you need at the closest gas station. Long hours at work and school don’t give you the opportunity to stop by and stretch your legs every day. The convenience of having a gas station nearby is no longer there. You might think that the gas stations that serve the stadium and arena crowds are exempt from this. However, in recent years, the same has been happening to all gas stations. The reasons behind this are varied but can be attributed to the development of online shopping and automated teller machines.


Thanks to the internet, customers have the convenience of browsing and purchasing anything they want from the comfort of their homes. This has had an adverse effect on brick-and-mortar stores, especially gas stations. As people are choosing to shop online for their fuel needs, it is no surprise that the traditional gas stations are struggling.

Some companies, such as Jiffy Lube, have tried adapting to this new way of shopping by offering online purchasing options. This has helped to generate more business and retain customers. But this has also made it easier for competitors to swoop in and poach customers from them. The threat of online shopping has made the convenience of driving to a gas station less attractive to some. So even though you might still need to go there to get your tires rotated or to fill up your car, the allure of driving to a gas station has started to diminish.

Reduced need for gas stations

You might still think that the number of gas stations would inevitably decline as cars become more fuel-efficient and fewer people need to travel far distances. This assumption would be correct, but not in the way you think. In fact, a lot of the gas stations that you pass don’t even sell fuel anymore. They have adjusted their businesses to serve the communities they are in, and they provide various services, such as car repairs and parking. This decreases their need to charge customers for filling up their vehicles.

People might choose to go to different parts of the country for college, so the assumption that there will be fewer accidents due to the distance students have to travel is no longer true. There are more cars on the road than ever before, but the distances between destinations have increased. This means that more people are finding themselves in need of gas. So even though you might not need to go to the closest gas station to fill up your car, it is still something to consider if you are in the middle of nowhere or if there is no gas station at all along your route.

Increased competition

The last thing that any business wants is more competition. In order to combat this, some companies will do anything to retain their customers. One way is to offer better deals and faster service. However, the flip side to this is that the competition is likely to follow suit and try to entice customers away from you as well. This is where things get tricky, as you don’t want to lose your customers to begin with, but it’s also crucial to maintaining your profitability.

The best way to ensure the sustainability of your business is to find a way to beat the competition. If your goal is to provide the best prices for your customers and retain them for as long as possible, then consider looking into how you can automate some of your processes and tasks. While this might initially seem like an added expense, think of all the money that you will save. The fewer people that you pay to run your business, the more money that you will have to invest in new opportunities.

Lack of government support

Whether you like it or not, taxes play an important role in our lives. They are a way of paying for the services that government provides. These include things such as policing, firefighting, and educating our children. When it comes to taxation, gas stations have been somewhat fortunate. Aside from the tax on gas, they have also been able to rely on motor vehicle fees, which are essentially fines for driving on certain roads. These fees help to support their operations and provide them with some additional revenue.

However, this is essentially a stop-gap measure. As more and more states seek to fund education through pure sales taxes, it is clear that their support is starting to wane. Gas stations are unable to completely rely on these motor vehicle fees, as they have in the past, and it is leading to financial hardship. In order to survive, some gas stations are turning to alternative sources of revenue, such as selling snacks and drinks at the pumps.

Increased awareness of fuel expenses

When gas prices rise above what most people can afford, it creates a lot of pressure. As a result, there is an increased awareness of how much fuel costs. People want to cut down on their fuel expenses as much as they can, whether that is by buying fuel-efficient cars or taking shorter trips. This is one of the reasons why gas stations have adjusted their approach to marketing and customer service. They want to appeal to as many people as possible and convince them to pump their gas. Many gas stations have adjusted their signs, so they are more noticeable from a mile away. This helps to raise their profile and gain more customers.

Changing customer demographics

The type of people that frequent gas stations have changed as well. In the past, people who worked in or came from a city often stopped by a gas station on their way home from work. Nowadays, people are more likely to pull over at a gas station to eat, rather than to fill up. This is because restaurants and eateries are more prevalent in these cities, and people are choosing to eat where they are more likely to meet friends.

The restaurant and retail industries, along with the advent of online shopping, have led to a change in the way that people get their fill of fresh food. People are realizing the importance of a healthy diet and are seeking out restaurants that serve organic and fresh food. As a result, it makes sense for gas stations to reflect this as well.


If you are a gas station owner, it might feel like a curse. You did everything that was supposed to do and yet your business is still struggling. You invested a lot of time and money into training your staff and establishing strong customer relationships. Now that the income from gas is no longer enough to support your business, you are wondering what else you could do. One option that many gas station owners are turning to is self-employment. Starting your own business might seem daunting, but it is a better option than you think. You can create your own schedule and work remotely, which is especially beneficial for those who commute frequently. Perhaps you can even do something where you utilize your skillset or knowledge. Whatever it might be, it is clear that the options are endless.

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